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Executors are faced with overwhelming risks and challenges. It's often stated as the hardest job you didn't apply for.

I can ease the burden by taking on the role, in whole or in part, or by offering guidance through the estate administration process.




Develop and maintain effective communications with key stakeholders, government agencies, credit cards companies,  lawyers, etc.


Remain Impartial and Focused

By its nature, the role of executor can be fraught with emotional involvement, external judgement and family dynamics.  As an executor professional I can provide impartial guidance and support during the entire estate resolution process. 

Widower/ Widow Guidance 

The one left behind is often left with a mound of duties that they have never done before. I will provide a road map for the future to keep all your affairs in order.

Estate Administration

To prepare for a probate application I will compile and maintain all applicable estate records. 

Taking Chaos to Completion

Providing the expert knowledge and skillset to effectively execute the overwhelming duties of executor, delivering all members of the estate peace of mind through professional and consistent communication.

Will Creation 

Create a will to dictate how your estate will be distributed and simplifying the estate process for your loved ones.

Commissioner of Oaths

Administer oaths and take and receive affidavits, affirmations and declarations in and for Alberta.


About Me


In addition to being a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) I am a compassionate professional with extensive skills in business. I will utilize my expertise to provide you peace of mind while offering executor services for the administration of the estate. ​Leading you from the initial stages through to distribution of the assets, allowing you to choose your level of involvement.

​Historically named executors were emotionally tied to the deceased which causes a lot of extra stress. Engaging an impartial third party reduces the animosity that can arise between beneficiaries and families. 



Working collaboratively, we will determine the level of involvement you want to proceed with. Immediately following that I will proceed with all required notifications including: business, identity theft, government agencies,credit card companies and professional agencies to protect the estate. 


Feeling confident that all appropriate notifications have been sent I will continue to work with you to create the estate record depository. I will also obtain and consolidate all the required estate information and records. These details will assist in preparing for probate and allow me to act as your liaison with the appropriate professionals. 

Managing an estate is a time-consuming, complex job which involves a lot of effort and responsibility. I will ensure things are handled promptly, accurately and responsibly. I will provide peace of mind to assist you through the entire process.


Our Clients Say

"I recently lost a close family member, and had the fortune to have Denine Thingvold act as the executor of the estate.   Denine proved to be highly personable, prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. She showed compassion and understanding during this difficult time of loss for our family.  It is a true benefit to have someone with her expertise to guide us through this process, as it allowed us to move forward with grieving, not having to worry about the details of dealing with legal documents, banks, wills, etc.  She handled all aspects of the estate in a very quick manner, and she always communicated with us whenever necessary.  We were very impressed with her services and highly recommend Denine for your executor needs. "

Carolyn  / Retired Teacher

 Glenda / Business Owner 

It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all you did in making things run a lot smoother. 


Thank you for all of your hard work on this Denine. I appreciated your professionalism and availability to answer any and all questions I had. I felt comfortable through the whole process that you had my best interests at heart.
Image by Ahmed Zayan


"I have no hesitation in giving Leading Edge Executor Services a wholehearted  recommendation. Having been through the executorial process on two other occasions, I have first hand appreciation of Denine's skill set. We very much enjoyed working with her. She was thorough, efficient and delivered results beyond expectations."

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